Where do you buy coconut oil???

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This may seem crazy, but where in the heck do you buy coconut oil?? I've seen a couple of jars of it in this local pharmacy (I live in Harlem) and some in Duane Reade, but the ingredients begin: mineral oil, petrolatum, blah blah paraben blah blah sulfate...and the very last ingredient is coconut oil. Ummmm...I feel like I've looked everywhere for coconut oil without "bad" ingredients. Where is it? I feel like everyone has this secret store that they run to and buy all of this pure coconut oil. Haha.



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    I've seen it at Wal-Mart in the vitamin section.
    Grocery Stores, again in the vitamin section.
    Whole Foods.
  • brownsugar84brownsugar84 Posts: 111Registered Users
    Thanks! I'll check out the grocery store and Whole Foods. I did look on the Whole Foods website and I didn't see anything, but it might be different in the actual store. No WalMart in NYC that I know of unfortunately :(
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    You can buy it at Henry's Grocery and most health food stores.

    Once Henry's Grocery had a sale on coconut oil--99 cents for a 20 ounce tub! Organic Coconut Oil for 99 cents! I hadn't known much about Coconut oil then so I just bought one. Now I reallllllyyyy regret it.

    I don't use it on my hair...but I should. I use it as an alternative to lotion, since a lot of lotions have mineral oil and such.
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    I get mine from the local Subzi Mandi, Indo-Pak grocery store. They have henna and castor oil too. In big bottles. For cheap too.
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    Vitamin Shoppe - Nutiva organic. I use it in food most of the time and this is a rich delicious tasting brand. My hair isn't so fond of it, but I will do a coconut cream treatment every so often.
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    I buy mine in Queens, at Patel Brothers. The Vatika oil is $4.00 for 300 ml and the Parachute oil is just as cheap. They also carry some of the indian powders and other oils as well.
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    Wow. Thank you everyone! I'm happy. I have so many ideas of where to look now, plus I didn't know it was so cheap! :mrgreen:
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    A product to make tranistioning EASIER!:cheers:
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    I bought it this weekend at a health food store. It was in the same section as the peanut oil, avocado oil, etc., but it took me a minute to find it because it wasn't in an "oil" bottle... instead it was in jars (it kinda looked like marshmallow creme!).

    While all the other oils were liquids, it was a solid at room temperature.
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    Whole Foods, Vitamin Shoppe, GNC, Health food stores in general, Indian stores

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