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im 16 and im going to transition my hair to natural hair after i take out my kinky twists....ive had these in since august and i have so much more new growth than my friends who also got their hair done around the same month.

ive never seen my natural hair except for in baby pictures of me. i got a perm between 1st and 2nd grade and i havent stopped yet. i questioned my mom why she gave me a perm and she said because i got too thick and i was like wth mom u loser lol :). shes gonna chop off her hair AGAIN. so i decided to go natural.

my cousin whos a freshman in high school now got her first perm in 7th grade and her hair was so long. but it kept going back natural so she just stopped getting perms in like March of this year and her hair is completely natural and she had no line of demarcation. is that possible???

ive taken a 2 of my twists out and my hair is so pretty and wavy. i just want it to be like that...natural. my mom thinks im crazy so i told her if God wanted me to have straight hair i wouldve been born with straight hair.

So in november im gonna take out these braids/twists and just wash it and condition it without getting aq perm and grow it out til all the relaxed hair is gone.

*keeping hair straight wastes time and money. 65 dollars every two months is ridicolus. i hate wasting my saturdays in the salon
BC 10/5/12 after 4 months of transitioning!:afro:


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    Wow that is so amazing. You are 2 years younger than me..glad you are doing this..I also want to put kinky twist in. I cant wait to be fully natural..

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