um, so i think i accidentally bc'd

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Last professional relaxer was in March, but been transitioning about two months (technically, since i did a couple box perms over the summer). For the past month wanted to BC but decided to cut a couple inches to better manage two textures.

Asked my hubby to cut a couple inches tonight and somehow that translated to like four or five... maybe six!:shock: Haven't measured the locks yet...

Should've known when he pulled out the scissors AND the clippers! Oh well. I guess it's really more of a mini-chop, but it's soooooo much shorter. My head felt instantly lighter!:toothy8:

So, I flat twisted it and we'll see how it looks in the morning. Will post pics tomorrow.


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    i love the 'my hair feels two pounds lighter' feeling. :toothy7: everything feels so much more bouncier. And short hair does wonders for bone structure.
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  • locksoftruthlocksoftruth Registered Users Posts: 11
    So I've uploaded a few pics and hope they show up. Meanwhile I've gotten lots of compliments from my hubby, sister, mom and pretty much everyone in the office (with the exception of the one other sister who said "it looks funny" - whatev).
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    I love it! I think it looks really good!
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    Very pretty! Love your necklace!
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    Thanks for the encouragement guys. I'm playing with it and I must admit I am loving the carefree feeling. I'm thinking I need a better setting foam or something because my twisties are starting to straighten out already... can you flat twist with KCC?

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