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niquecurlsniquecurls Registered Users Posts: 1
I am going through the process of taking down locs that I have had for almost 9 years. I loved my locs and took pretty good care of them, but decided that i wanted to make the transition into free flowing natural hair. This process is exciting although very long:-(. I am impatient so that's an issue.. but I am going to stick with and can't wait to start taking care of my free flowing natural hair!!My locs were mid back length and as far as I can see I am going to be left with about shoulder length hair after my initial trimming of the damage.

Are there tips you guys can provide of what I should do to baby my hair ( i'm sure it will be in shock) after the locs are gone?


  • BublinBublin Registered Users Posts: 15
    I have no advice but wanted to say good luck. I can't imagine how much work must be involved but i guess it beats shaving it off.

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