The best hair I have EVER seen!

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The popular bloggist "Faboo" has the coolest hair in the world! (I have a Mac so I can't copy and paste pictures). It's totally worth it! It's red, short, and the edgiest curly hair I've ever seen!!!!

Just wanted to share it's wonder! :)
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    Very cute - I wish my hair would look good that short.
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    Her hair is gorgeous and so is her fashion sense. Thanks for sharing this link. Her blog has great fashion ideas.
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    Absolutely gorgeous hair! I so want this cut :(

    Is this a regular (one-length) bob or is it a bit layered at the front?
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    *gasp* her hair is amazing<3!
    I'd love that cut, but something tells me i wouldn't be able to pull it off quite as well...
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    Love her hair cut and color. Very cool!
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    Aww, she's adorable. I wish I knew how to dress.
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    wow, i wish i had amazing curly hair like her when i was in high school!
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