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Hi!! i've been straightening my hair with a blow dryer since a was a kid, now i've decided to give my curls a! and now i love em' and i want to take good care of them from now on and i'm glad i found :D


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    Hi Latincurl:

    The blow dryer and I have never been friends. It is the enemy of every curl. On this site, you'll find all the info you need to banish the blow dryer forever.
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    We've all been there! I want to welcome you. You'll get a lot of great info on how to care for your curls.

    Michelle Breyer
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    Thank u girls!! i've been through a lot of the threads in this forum in the last days, i've been practicing and buying products for my hair .... for example today i bought a conditioner that contained Jojoba..... it's gonna take time for my curls to be the way they were but i'm going to be patience.

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    By the way my hair type is between 3A and 3B :D