Happy to be Nappy but in need of some help!

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I am wearing a "wash" & wear. In the morning I just rinse with warm water and use Motions Protein Conditioner because my hair was damaged by my numerous relaxers & braids being too tight. I towel dry, fluff out and most of the time I wear a headband. I call this my bad hair day style. With the relaxer being on the ends and my natural hair being all fuzzy, it is quite a site at the end of the day. I think I am a 4a/4b hair type.

But I need HELP!!!! :(

I tried twisting out the MissJessis Baby Buttercream which I love. But what other products I can use while transitioning. There is so much info and advice but I truly do not know where to start.

Sometimes my hair looks so dry and coarse. I know I can get my hair together. Because I am NOT going back to a relaxer. I just need some help pointing me in the right direction.
Last Relaxer: Apr 2006
Still have straight ends :-(


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    You can try using Smooth N Shine's Activator Gel in your hair to use for your wash and go's. And I would suggest you washing your hair with a non-sulfate cleanser once a week, and then deep conditioning afterwards. Then in between washings you can do a daily conditioning rinse if you prefer.

    Here's a pretty popular non-sulfate cleanser that you can try: Creme of Nature Detangling Ultra Moisturizing Shampoo. Now after shampooing your hair, you can use your Motions Conditioner. Next you would lightly blot your hair, a few times. And then you would apply the Smooth N Shine Gel. It is pretty moisturizing by itself which is why I am not recommending you add a leave-in to your regimen. Lastly you would just let your hair air-dry.

    And the best conditioners I know of to conditioner rinse your hair with
    in between washings are VO5's. They are nice and cheap, but most of all they are effective.
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