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Hello. Lately, I've been trying to figure out why my hair wants to go all frizzy on me as it dries. After searching around here a bit, I figured that rinsing all the conditioner out after washing was attributing to the frizz. And I was right, leaving in some co did help a lot, but then my hair started to look flat. I'm talking flatter on one side than the other. Then I started to get really ticked because I figured the last person to cut my hair might have layered it differently on one side of my head. So, to try and compensate for the flatness, I decided to give mousse a shot. Long story short, I used a little too much and :shock: I looked like Angela Davis with bangs. So this morning, I decided to use a clarifying shampoo to get all the gunk out of my hair followed by one of the conditioners I have on rotation (with a little honey mixed in) and my regular hair gel. I rinsed all the conditioner and honey out before putting in the gel and - wow- things are looking so much better. Yet still, a little frizzy. Then it hit me: I don't need to leave-in or mousse. I just need a better conditioner! One that, you know, actually conditions. Here's what I've tried so far, none of which I am particularly impressed with:

Pantene Relaxed & Natural
Neutrogena Triple Moisture Mask
Elasta QP Intense Conditioning

To tell you the truth, I'm more taken with Vo5 than I am with any of the above, but I use that as a conditioner wash. Any recs? Only drugstore, beauty store (Sally's) items, please. I'm too broke to pay for shipping. I'm assuming my hair is somewhere within the realm of 4a-4b (tiny little spiral curls all over). Thanks for any help!
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    Am I correct that you are doing the CG routine? If so, maybe you want to cut down on the conditioner washing (scrubbing the scalp) and just rinse with the more moisturizing co (rinse, then apply conditioner). Even apply a bag and sit with it for a while. You could also apply the conditioner to dry hair, let sit, then rinse. I get good results with that.

    Also, the cones in two of the conditioners mentioned in your post might be the cause.

    Trader Joe's Nourish (Trader Joe's)
    Suave Coconut (Everywhere)
    **Suave Color Care (Everywhere)
    La Coupe Colour Reserve (Ulta)
    **Garnier Fructis 3 minute (small jar) (everywhere)

    **Has lightweight cones

    My fave right now is the suave color care. My hair is so moisturized and detangled with this.

    I want to try Activate since its raved on this board.

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    Current faves: Trader Joe's Nourish, Suave Color Care Co, Abba Nourishing, FOTE AVG, Taliah Waajid mist bodifier
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    Trader Joe's Nourish
    Giovanni Direct Leave-In (creamy)
    Garnier Fructis Fortifying Cream Conditioner (for Fine Hair)
    Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose Conditioner
    Classic 4a/b, fine, dense, normal to dry, low porosity
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    Thanks, you guys :)
    Some good hair days

    Don't worry about what other people think. They don't do it very often.

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