What should I expect?

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Can anyone with a 4a hair type tell me what to expect once my hair has grown out. I am currently transitioning with braids. I haven't had a relaxer since September of 2005. My hair seems pretty tightly curled when I take my braids down, and I just want to know will I ever be able to wear it down and curly without it being all over my head.
I'm new to this. I think I'm a 4a. I have pen spring size coils in some areas and pen size coils in others.


  • JuicyTubeJuicyTube Registered Users Posts: 2,369
    im not 4a but i think if your hair gets long enough it will weigh down.
    3b-3c CG
  • SmallFrySmallFry Registered Users Posts: 614
    I'm not a 4A but here's a great resource that I think you may like.


    She has a very informative site.
    Lotsa 3c curls
    Curly Journey Album
    Updated 2009 and 2010 pics
    Hair Journal/Products

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