loosening curls with a home perm

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    Has anyone ever tried using a home perm kit for loosening their curl a little?

    I'd like to just soften my curls, not straighten my hair.
    So I'm thinking about using a home perm in the same way that a relaxer is used. By smoothing the product through my hair and leaving it on for a few minutes.

    I'm wondering if this would be effective and/or would it be damaging. My hair is color treated, but with deposit only color.

    Every chemical process is damaging to our hair; only the degree of damage varies. I have 3c hair and had the brilliant idea to try to reform my curls with a home perm kit many, many years ago. It didn't do a *thing* to relax my curls. Maybe it was because I didn't use large enough diameter rods, but I would think you would have to remove the natural curl pattern in order to then reform a new one...this is what the jheri curl of the 80s did, resulting in such damage to the hair that we had to saturate our heads with heavy nasty oils to "activate" our curls. :eye:

    I would talk to a stylist about this, but I wouldn't try it at home.
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