The longer I grow my bangs the stringier and

thinner they look. I have fine, thin hair and I wonder if the leave-in and the gel are the problem. Maybe mousse would work better?? I really want to grow my hair longer but if I am going to end up with the front of my hair looking like strings I may have to go shorter to balance the look:( Has anyone else here dealt with this successfully?


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    Did you used to straighten your bangs? I'm growing out my bangs and I'm having the same problems because I was using the straightening iron on them and they are damaged. I think the longer and healthier they get the better they will blend. For now I'm just accepting the fact that bobby pins are my new best friends and I pin them back. Some days, I hide them and other days I pin them on top. Good luck!
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    Yup, I did straighten them for years so that could be part of the problem.