Male considering Keratin treatment

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I am an 18 year old male with very coarse 3b hair. My hair is about 6 inches long and I am looking for a change. I am sick of my curly, unmanageable poofy hair. I have a few questions regarding this treatment.

1. How much will a home keratin treatment cost?
2. Is it safe for men?
3. What is the difference between CKT and BKT?
4. And lastly, will my coarse 3b hair feel smoother and hang downward better than before?

Thanks for your help gals and guys.


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    1. You can order 2 or 4 oz of a keratin product from ebay for $20-$40. All you need then is a good flat iron. I got one that goes to 450 at TJMaxx for $25.
    2. There is nothing gender specific about BKT.
    3. All the Keratin treatments have a slightly different formula. Coppola is supposed to be formaldehyde free, but it still has a similar ingredient.
    4. Yes, your hair will lie better and the frizz will be gone, the curls looser.

    Find someone to flat iron for you and watch the youtube videos on how to do it. Use a fan for ventilation. If you don't like it, it will wear out and you can help it by washing with shampoo with sodium.

    Plenty of guys highlight their hair, why not CKT!?
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    thank you very much for the info audeo. You mentioned that there are different keratin treatments that are all relatively the same. But is there one that will make my hair straighter than the other. And also, is there any method when applying that will maximize how straight my hair will become? Thanks again.
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    I've tried 3 different types and had similar results with all. They seem to all have slightly different ways of applying, some on damp hair, some on dry. Some say to flat iron after blowdrying 100%, some say to blowdry only 90%. Some say to leave on for 30 minutes, others say to flatiron right away. The best thing about doing it yourself is you can experiment to find what works for you.

    The first time I had it done by a professional, it lasted the longest, I think because she did such a good job of flatironing in small sections at a high temp. The second time a professional did it, she didn't do any better flatironing than I do and it didn't last long. That's when I decided to do it myself.

    They key is in flatironing to seal it well, going over each strand multiple times. Then avoid sodium in any hair products to make it last.

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