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kat180kat180 Registered Users Posts: 6,280 Curl Novice
So Ive decided to get serious about this weight loss thing and actually do something rather than just talk about it :)

I have bought her 2 box set dvds to try- I figure its one of the cheapest and most private ways to start exercising (Im too shy to do it in public).

Anyone have experience using these? They got very good reviews on Amazon which is why I went for them :)


  • TheSunshineStateTheSunshineState Registered Users Posts: 152
    I haven't used her DVD's but good for you for being active :p
    The only thing I would say is to be very very carefull about your form. I've heard of so many people hurting themselves. When you use DVD's and your new to exercise etc then you don't have someones there to see you from all angles to correct your form.
    You also cannot see the instructors form very well from a video. Just be safe :)
    Bad form can make the workout pointless because you won't be getting much out of an exercise.
  • goldencurls8goldencurls8 Registered Users Posts: 115
    Hi I have this boxset, I have to say I tend to do the 30 minute ones the most. For me they were the best way to build up strength, the longer workout I tried the first time and couldn't walk without serious thigh agony for a week! I am not in tip top shape but I do walk and do other dancey dvd's quite a bit - the Davina ones are pretty hardcore with the amount of squats and lunges at first but slowly they get easier. That said I did the toning/weights one last week after doing no exercise (on holiday for two weeks), and it was pain time again for two days after.

    I still have yet to do the pilates one - I gave it a go but it's pretty advanced in my opinion. My favourite is the cardio boxing one, it's easy to follow and I feel really energetic (if sweaty!) from doing it. I prefer the female instructor though, the guy kind of forgets to tell you what to do sometimes and Davina ends up doing it!

    So have you tried it yet? I just recently bought the Claire from Steps one and that one is pretty intense aerobics in my opinion but after a couple of times it was slightly easier! I like the davina ones because you get a wee rest in a sense in between the fat burning.
  • kat180kat180 Registered Users Posts: 6,280 Curl Novice
    God I feel bad- no I havent tried it yet- just been two busy! In final year at uni and dont seem to have time to do anything but work. When I stop I tend to fall into bed at the moment- so my weight is getting worse from lack of exercise and snacking instead of eating properly (I dont have time to eat meals atm!)
  • goldencurls8goldencurls8 Registered Users Posts: 115
    Aw don't feel bad, when I was at Uni I never exercised either! Plus I went to university in America where all we did was order food at midnight, I know it's all too easy to gain weight. I think the 30 minute ones might surprise you, once you get into the routine they are really quick and easy to do and you do work up a sweat as well. I know I find them easier to squeeze in than my hour long ones.

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