Skin numbing cream for waxing

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Has anyone been using something like? I just found out that this exists and I want to scream on top of my lungs: WHERE HAS THIS BEEN HIDING?
Does anyone know more about it? Do you recommend a particular brand? the fact that it is not popular makes me skeptical.. how safe is it?
Please help here..
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    It's a prescription product called EMLA...a topical lidocaine (like novacaine that is used to numb you for dental work, but topical). You can get it in non-Rx strength, but it wouldn't do much. It's probably impractical to use for large areas, because you have to apply the cream thickly and cover with plastic wrap for an hour or so to get a numbing effect. If you're waxing large areas, it probably would get very expensive, as well as time consuming.

    Also, I think there might be adverse health affects from numbing a large area of the skin (dizzyness, muscle twitches, seizures...not good stuff). It's really meant for small areas.

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