How do I get more moisture with out weighing down my curls?

I have been having this ongoing problem. My hair needs moisture!!! But if I use a leave in or extra condish my hair becomes very weighed down. I also can't use real heavy styling products. I am hoping someone else has had experience with this and can help me out!!



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    thats a good question! i would like to know that too!!
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    thats a good question! i would like to know that too!!

    Me too! :)
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    Hi Nikki,

    First of all, GORGEOUS hair you have there!

    Dang, I have the same problem! Needs moisture, I do it, it gets weighed down, I go easy on the moisture for a while, it gets dry, needs moisture, I do it...and the cycle continues!

    Three things help me. Here is kind of my weekly-routine.

    1) wear my hair up approx. 3 days a week. On those days, I put leave-in condish in. Doesn't matter if it is weighed down because you can't tell since it is up, but it's still getting it's extra moisture.
    2) For another 3 days a week, I airdry and do not put leave-in in ... that way it doesn't get as weighted down. The effects from the leave-in on the days I wore it up have helped with moisture and I can get away with it.
    3) On that misc. 7th, odd day out of the week: I put leave-in in, but I also pixie-diffuse. I figure the leave-in protects my hair from any blow-dryer induced damage, yet the pixie-diffusing offsets any over-moisturizing, and it adds volume.

    Oh, and it's not like this is a routine of "3 days up, 3 days down, one day diffuse" ... it's more like every other day I wear it up, with the four days of wearing it down interspersed between them (one of which is diffused).

    I also only wear gel on the diffusing day. I don't know, but for me, it weighs the hair down a bunch.

    As well, as the wavy board was kind enough to tell me, the occasional ACV rinse does wonders for buildup removal ... made my wave/curl bounce right up! Currently I do that twice a month.

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    This is a very good question and one that I struggle with on a constant basis. This is why a lot of people like to seal with Oils and butters and I recently started a thread on this very subject because we see sealing mentioned mostly on the 4's forum.

    Sealing helps you to hold onto your moisture and you can do this after your LI conditioner. I used to avoid LI's completely because they would weigh me down. But now even a pea size can make all the difference. I also find that product layering is a great way to hold onto moisture too as long as you don't over do the quantity or the types of products that you use. You would want to be careful when using creamy products but experimenting is the only way to find out what combos work on your own hair.
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    What's the porosity of your hair?
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    Thanks all! And thanks for the compliment Janie!

    I "think" I have normal to high porosity depending on where I test it. There are spots where my hair is mostly smooth from ends to root but there are places where is a bit "bumpy" for lack of a better term.

    I do have problems with creamy products weighing me down...but if I don't use something creamy I am very I have to assume moisture is my problem. I am starting to wonder if I have a protien sensitivity but I don't have the first clue on how to figure that out!