decent pressed powder mineral foundation?

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Hi all

Dont suppose anyones got any recommendations on a medium-full coverage pressed powder foundation? preferably mineral. (I already use loose powder at home. i just need a little something for top up applications at work now)

At the moment im using the uber expensive Jane Iredale purepressed mineral foundation, which isnt bad and very gentle on my temperamental skin - but its only sheer coverage. I like the stuff where youre practically a different colour with one coating. freckles gone. spots gone. no fuss. aaaaanyone discovered this miracle compact yet...?
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    I've been using the JI PPB for years. I love it! I find that it's "buildable"; a couple of layers will give me more coverage. Also, the brush makes a difference for me. I use the JI Handi brush until I hit pan and the circle of product remaining gets to be about 1" wide around the pan. Then I switch to Philosophy SuperNatrual brush.
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    I second the Jane Iredale recommendation. I use it as well and love it. The Handi brush is fab as well.
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    I have extremely sensitive skin and have found that the PUR mineral pressed powder is amazing. I can brush it on for light coverage or put it on with a pad for medium to heavy coverage. I rely on it to cover my dark eye circles.
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    I have pur also. I ordered it not too long ago b/c I had used it in the past and really liked it. Now I'm trying to decide whether or not it was responsible for a massive outbreak I'm now recovering from...I hope not. :sad:
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    I love the JI pure pressed foundation. At first, it didn't give me enough coverage as well. Then I splurged and bought the JI handi brush, and that made all the difference (compared to using either a dry foundation sponge or a normal powder makeup brush). I swipe on several layers, then top with Larenim mineral silk finishing powder (mixed with a little Larenim sheer perfection).

    To control oil on my combination skin, I dust a primer over my T-zone after applying sunscreen but prior to sweeping on the JI foundation. I alternate between 3 different primers, all from Larenim:

    1. Dusk 'til Dawn (in summer, when my skin is oiliest)
    2. Invisi-Primer (in spring/fall, when skin is less oily)
    3. Invisi-Pore (in winter, when skin is a little dry)

    I also dust the Invisi-pore year-round over my T-zone during the day as needed to freshen up, when skin starts to look a little oily. I alternate that with the mineral silk/sheer perfection combo for touch-ups.

    I've also tried the JI finishing powder, and find it works just as well as Larenim, but the Larenim is less expensive.

    I also like the Larenum loose foundation powder, but haven't yet had success with the Larenim pressed foundation. If I wear sunscreen underneath, it causes the foundation to break down after a few hours, resulting in splotchy makeup on my face. I hope to try it again this winter over a primer.
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