Non-sulfate poo and frizz

Will using even a nonsulfate poo cause frizz? After not pooing for two months, last night I decided to clarify(hard water) with Elucence Clarifying Poo, then did a DT. Today I didn't vary anything in my routine but have significant more frizz. Would it be the poo or the dt?


  • SuZenSuZen Registered Users Posts: 1,595
    Was it a protein-based DT? If so, did you follow it with a moisturizing conditioner? When you do a protein treatment, it's important to moisturize afterwards, or the excess protein on the outside of the hair shaft makes your hair feel rough and fuzzy.
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    Actually Elucence Clarifying Poo isn't sulfate free. It has Sodium Myreth Sulfate in it. It isn't a harsh sulfate though. What DT did you use?
  • HippieChicHippieChic Registered Users Posts: 252
    I used the Curl Junkie Banana Hibiscus Dt and the left some Elucence in over night.
  • IwantcurlyhairIwantcurlyhair Registered Users Posts: 338
    Then my guess is that it was probably the shampoo. Just try to give your hair a break from washing(even with conditioner) for a few days and it should be back to normal in no time. Try to moisturize your hair as much as possible too.
  • HippieChicHippieChic Registered Users Posts: 252
    I thought it may be the shampoo, but I needed to clarify. I've been trying to find something to clarify that won't strip color. Lemon rinses seem to strip and I thought I read somewhere that an ACV rinse will too. Thanks for your responses!
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    typically Elucence Clarifying shampoo is excellent and doesn't dry my hair out or frizz it up but then again I follow it with a moisturizing shampoo so I suds up twice (once with clarifying and next with moisturizing shampoo) then condition.
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