need your help on products.

Hello guys! I've been doind the cg method for about 5 months now and my hair looks better, but I still need a lot of work.

I live in Guatemala, where I can't find any cg products at all! All I've been using is a vo5 conditioner I found at a small store, the herbal esseces spary gel I bought a while ago and the L'oreal Out of Bed Instant Texture cream gel (which is the only cg product sold here).

Anyways, I'm travelling to the US in two weeks. I would be sooo thankful if you guys could reccomend me some products I could buy or order while I'm there. I've been reading a lot through this site for info, but there are so many product it became overwhelming for me to decide.

So basically my routine is
cowash and condition with the vo5 conditioner and alternate between the spray gel and cream gel.

I really need a leave-in and styling products. I've been thinking about buying the CK, since it has worked for many people in this site. Do you reccomend it?

My hair is 3b, high porosity, and the weather here is really humid.

:) Thanks guys.
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    On this site is a list of CG products
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    Have a safe and fun trip
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    Many curlies love CK but it has glycerin in it. Since you have porous hair and live in a high humidity area, you will have to test out whether the glycerin will be good for your hair or whether it causes your hair to absorb too much water and become pouffy and frizzy. I have 3a/3b very porous hair and cannot use glycerin. Since CK is not cheap I don't know if you want to spend money on a product that you will have to test out. Just something to think about.

    For product ideas, search the forums and read the siggies of the porous hair curlies and see what products they use to get an idea of what might be good for you.

    Aubrey Organic conditioners and gels are very nice products that lots of curlies use. They are also not overly expensive, on average US$10.
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