Getting white right is.... difficult!!

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I have dark ash brown hair with significant greying on the sides/top/facial area. The grey is more a really beautiful white and I love it. I love it so much that I have been augmenting it in one area to make it more apparent. It is not too Cruella DeVille skunky I swear, but it is... extremely striking.

I have used Manic Panic Flash Lightening in both the 30 and 40 volume formulas for the initial bleaching. As far a toner I have used Manic Panic Virgin Snow in both the regular and amplified formulas.

I have seen no damage, and my hair is short and cut every three weeks, so I am not concerned about that. As far as loss of curl, not an issue as I blow it straight and flat iron it spikey.

The white is difficult to get right and I have to apply toner after every shampoo even though I use a white hair formula. If I do not tone or do not leave it in long enough I get a light blonde rather than white. If I leave the toner in even one moment too long I get lavender. I am old, but I am not that old.

Am I not bleaching my hair sufficiently? I do root touch ups frequently, so one would think I am already bleaching the heck out of it. It is a very, very pale yellow.
Is there another white toner that would work better and last longer? This having to tone after each shampoo is a bit annoying, but getting the white right is important so I deal with it.

I do understand that lightening hair to this degree is a high maintenance choice and if there is no work around I will accept it. But I am open to other toner or even bleaching suggestions. I should add that I am way in the sticks and have no beauty supply or pros to ask- everything will have to be ordered online.

Thx- I have enjoyed reading here and hope to contribute!

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