My First 10k

xtremelyperfectxtremelyperfect Registered Users Posts: 177
Hi everyone! Today I ran my first 10k ever with my roommate! It was a great experience and I wrote all about it on my blog. I think next up is a half marathon. woot! :toothy7:
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  • WileE-DeadWileE-Dead Banned Banned Users Posts: 24,963 Curl Neophyte
    Awesome! :nike:
    And how cute are you?! :toothy7:
    btw...I see you love football...c'mon over to the non-hair board & chat w/ us! :cool:
  • Mamacurl3Mamacurl3 Registered Users Posts: 1,559
    wow! congratulations!! I was just telling Wile on the accountability thread that a 10k is a great starting place to head into a half marathon. C'mon over there and chat with us, this was my first year of half marathons and I enjoyed it so much I did 3 of them and a 25k! I never thought I'd be running half marathons, but it's such a great distance and the races are so much fun!
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  • wavycurly40+wavycurly40+ Registered Users Posts: 2,017 Curl Neophyte
    Hey, I was there, too! Didn't you see me? (LOL-- 8,500 runners, probably not!)

    Isn't that a great event? So inspiring. And I still remember how excited I was the first time I ran it. CONGRATULATIONS! This will be the beginning of great things for you. :toothy8:

    Post if you're planning to run next year -- maybe we can have a curly meetup/stretching session.....

    Wurly and proud!
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  • MichelleBFTMichelleBFT Registered Users Posts: 4,812
    Fantastic!! I'm hoping to be good enough to run a 10k in the spring.... right now I'm still in 5k zone.
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  • mad scientistmad scientist Registered Users Posts: 3,530 Curl Neophyte
    Fantastic!! I'm so happy for you!

    I'm currently working my way up to 10k. My first race will be in mid-January.

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