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You can only imagine my horror when my mom tells me that twists can be permanent. I start staring at her and am like looking at her with a "wth" kind of look. She elaborates and tells me that two of her friends with 4-ish hair did twists for a looooong time (idk how often they took it out) and now their hair just naturally does that. And apparently the hair has memory and the only way to start over is to the shave the head.
Because I was wearing twists then (first time too), I started freaking and immediately proceeded to take them out. My mom just told me to thoroughly detangle it so that that doesn't happen...
So can this actually happen? Well actually, I shouldn't ask that; I know it can. What can I do to prevent it? Just detangle and make sure to comb my hair with my fingers thoroughly?
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    I think if you leave the twists in your hair for too long they can definitely loc. That's not to say that you can't wear twists for a week or two (maybe even a longer) at a time. As long as you constantly wet and condition them, I highly doubt they will loc within a short period of time. I once did single braids with my own hair for a whole summer and my hair did not loc. You have nothing to worry about unless you plan to keep your twists for months at a time lol and if your hair does loc easily, then lots of conditioner and detangling will definitely get your hair back to normal. I've kept twists in for over a week and my hair is the nappiest of the nappiest, so just relax (not creamy crack relax, but chill lol) !

    ETA: I'm not sure I believe the "hair has memory" story, because if that was the case then why would people who grow locs have to keep retwisting them? Wouldn't their hair just automatically grow into a twisted loc? That would be so much easier.... :D
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    Hmm.. I'm not a twister so really, I have no clue. The only source I have for this is my mom and really, I have no clue if she's right or if I should believe her.
    Thanks for your input though, reassures me quite a bit :).
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