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Hello everyone! I've been a member of this site for a few months and have generally just been a lurker because my daughter didn't quite have enough hair for me to distinguish her actual type. Now that she has enough, I still don't know. :laughing6:
I'm fairly certain she is mostly 3b?? I can run my fingers through her hair on the top and sides usually at any given time, but the back is a different story. It has that cotton, tangled look about 3 hours after her bath. It's total business in the front, crazy wild party in the back.
I will tell you a little about my regime so you can get the idea of what I'm currently doing. I'm sure it's completely wrong so that's why I'm needing A LOT of help, please!
I'm using California Baby shampoo and conditioner usually every 2-3 days to avoid drying her hair out. I start with the shampoo (about a quarter size amount) and then I rinse and use about a nickel size of the California Baby Conditioner. I then have to comb through the severe tangles and matted mess in the back. After this, I apply a little 100% aloe then top it off with Burts Bees apricot oil. I also sometimes just co-wash.
This just isn't working....
I don't like the "overly" oily feel of her hair with the apricot oil. Even when I use a minimal amount, it still has that wet look and when it dries, we are right back to frizz city. The aloe just makes it crispy and leaves a weird residue.
Are there any other remedies anyone could suggest. What about the Kinky Curly or Blended Beauty lines? Anyone tried these with any success? Ideally I'm looking for a soft curl without the "wet" look. This may be impossible with her hair type, but any advice is greatly appreciated.
Also, because I'm completely new to this type of hair, is there a timeframe with your experience that her hair will begin to lay flat instead of just growing outward? :mrgreen:
I've attached some pictures of her so you can get a feel of what it looks like. I really want to get where I can do more than just throw a bow or headband in her hair. haha. Thank you for your help and time!
It's crazy back there. ha!


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    your daughter is beautiful!

    if you hacvent already, why dont you try putting a satin sheet in her crib or if she uses a pillow, buying a satin pillowcase. and also, draping a satin or silk scarf over the back of her carseat. that will make a world of difference.

    can you ditch the oil? or maybe cutback on shampooing? i only shampoo my baby girl's hair once a week (her hair gets greasy easily) and the rest of the time i co-wash. the best results ive ever had for frizz free but natural looking/non wet look curls for my daughter was california baby calming conditioner used as a leave in + [buylink=]curly hair solutions curl keeper[/buylink] or kinky curly knot today as a leave in + [buylink=]kinky curly curling custard[/buylink]. since you already have california baby products, why not give [buylink=]curl keeper[/buylink] a try? its a little bit cheaper than kinky curly products and you might be able to get an inexpensive or free smaple from the swap board.

    ive used kinky curly products on my own hair (im a 3c with hair that is prone to dryness) and [buylink=]knot today[/buylink] wasnt moisturizing or heavy enough for my hair. but i do like the curling custard. ive also used blended beauty's curl styling butter. in my opinion, its a good all in one product. it moisturizes and it give hold.

    as far as growing down instead of out, is the nature of tight curls to go out before they go down. with more length, her hair might start to drop a bit more.
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    Thank you so much for your insight (and the compliment on my little lady). Honestly, I was hoping that you would respond. You're always so helpful and I've been keeping up with your photo stream of that precious daughter of yours for about a year now. She's toooo cute! I just love her hair. I'm hoping my daughter's will look like hers soon. (please!!!)

    She currently sleeps on satin sheets with a satin pillow cover, but she's pretty wild at night so she still rubs it plenty. I'm going to take your advice and use the satin in her carseat, that's an awesome idea! I've pretty much moved on from the oil and use it only when it's a complete out of control hair day because it's such a mess and doesn't do as I had initially hoped. I will definitely use less of the shampoo. I thought I had read before that you had used the kinky curly products and I appreciate the feedback so I will order some today and let you know how that works. :mrgreen:

    Also, have you ever tried virgin coconut oil? I read about that too and bought some today at a natural food store. I thought I may try this as a treatment just to see if that helped the fuzz and frizz at all.

    Thank you again!
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    thank you so much!

    ive never used coconut oil on its own, but ive used it in an oil blend. ive heard nothing but good reviews from those who do use it though.
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    Your daughter is beautiful!
    Hope you don't mind my butting in. My baby also had lots of curls and I had to figure it out on my own. Didn't know about the CG method,, etc. Of course, my mother used a wire brush on my sister's ringlets... needless to say, once my hair turned curly, at 12yo, I was on my own.

    I don't understand oils so I can't comment.

    Be sure you're not piling her hair on top of her head when you shampoo. Just use enough of a gentle shampoo to clean the scalp and let it run down the hair. Don't need any more.

    I would not shampoo more than 1x a week... but co-wash or just water rinse daily or as needed. Once you get the hair really moisturized, you can cut back. I use conditioner every day, regardless and so does my daughter. It wouldn't hurt to apply a deep conditioner/treatment and leave it on for a few hours during the day.

    Have you tried using a leave-in conditioner every day? That should help...I think it was CurlPro who mentioned styling with just leave-in conditioner.

    Detangle with a wide tooth comb only when conditioner is in the hair... then rinse with cool water gently as not to ruffle or tangle anymore.

    If you're de-tangling without conditioner, that can cause more breakage which just makes the problem continue.

    For bedtime, can you pull it back and secure it in sections? Or depending on her age, use something like a spa headband (wide terrycloth like material)/bandana/etc that would cover her hair and keep it from getting ruffled?

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    Don't have any little curls to style (my DIL is a 3b, so there is hope there) but thought of a product that might help with the dryness for your little beauty. I just started using some of the shescentit products. Got samples of the hair butters and they are divine. She makes one for little girls:

    Don't know about the other products. I have both leave ins and the green tea conditioner--and love them all for me. I can't use castor oil, so haven't tried the other products.
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