Changing my Color??

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I colored my hair some time ago.

So I have a lot of new growth my hair is two tones, my natural color and then the reddish color that I put in. My natural hair color is a black/super dark brown.

When I say a LOT of new growth -- I mean a lot like half my head!

Originally I used professional Loreal color with a 20 developer. The color was a dark auburn, but it wasn't the super affect I wanted so the next morning I twisted my hair and put in a super bright red color (same Loreal) on top. I liked the end result.

It is not really that color anymore, but I don't hate it. .

But due to that whole thing with red not staying super red -- I'm ready to move on from reds. . .

I want to apply NEW permanent color -- Alter Ego - Dark Blonde Tobacco -- it's like a chocolate brown almost. . .

What do I do? What are the steps? I can't seem to find instructions for doing a change!

1. Do I apply to the whole head to get my whole head my new color?
2. Do I leave on the roots longer or the ends longer or the whole thing at the same time.
3. Is it okay to use the 20 developer on the whole head?
4. Are there any tips or tricks I should be aware of??
5. To get a good color, do I need to do it more than once?

I'm so lost on this one! Coloring was easy -- but now how do I change from the red to the brown?

BTW - I would prefer not to bleach out my otherwise super healthy hair.
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