must have product?? i need help

ok so im new to this natural thing. im currently transitioning :love10:,, anyways i need a list of MUST HAVE products that a soon to be CG should have to keep her curls unfrizzy,moisturized,and all that other stuff.....Lol.please help me out thank you!!!:wave:
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    Flax seed gel (FSG). Seriously. :thumright: That did more for my frizzy waves than anything else during this transition. No joke, I can drive to my friend's house 30 minutes away, across river and marsh causeways (I'm on the coast), with the window down and my shoulder length hair has not frizzed once with FSG. i've driven with it dry and wet. the result is the same, no frizz. Blows my mind.

    In addition to checking out the newbie forum threads, check out the hair type threads for your type, paying closer attention to your hair's texture (fine, medium, coarse stranded) and porosity rather than how it curls. From there you'll find like-minded hair twins and have a better idea of which hair stuff to buy. That's helped me the most. For example, I follow the fine-stranded wavies and especially the protein-loving hair types, since mine could swim in protein and never be happier. Yet some of the coarser and dry hair types would just freak out and die in that environment.

    Welcome and best of luck!
    2aFii, low porosity, :love4: protein!
    Color treated (blonde, but darned grays!)
    COwash: Suave, V05, Salon Care Honey Almond
    CO: GVPCB, LVNPG, GFTN, HSH Pumpkin, Aura Cherry Almond Bark
    DTs: Lustrasilk SM, GVPCB
    PTs: Aphogee 2-step, ION Effective Care inbetween
    LIs/Stylers: Any of my COs, FSG, EcoStyler Krystal, LOOC, shea butter to SOTC

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