How do you use Paul Mitchell's The Conditioner?

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Ok so I decided to try one of the mentioned leave ins on the 3c, 4a, 4b forums which was Paul Mitchell's The Conditioner. I was dying to use some of the other ones but either I couldn't find them in my area or I have to order them online...

I used PM the conditioner after I i pre pooed, shampoo, and rinsed out conditioned my hair (I usually follow the no poo method but shampoo about every 4-6 wks or when i have build up) I used garnier fructis new curl & shine shampoo and conditioner. My hair felt fabulous...I'm not sure if it was the new shampoo and conditioner or the fact that this was my first time giving myself a pre-poo treatment. Anyway after I rinsed out the fructis conditioner I left my hair dripping wet and put a shower cap on my head cuz I had to run an errand...when I put PM the conditioner in my hair in sections and my hair came out puffy with very little curl definition so i rewet my hair and put in some ic fantasia blue gel...i regained a lot of definition because of the gel but my hair ended up really crunchy. My hair ranges from types 3c-4a but i didn't feel like PM conditioner was it possible that I wasn't using it right? How should PM the conditioner be used?

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