Making Flaxseed Gel

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Hi Y'all,

Made my first batch of FSG last night and am trying it this a.m. Not sure how much to use, my hair is bsl wet, very dry and course, wavy on top, curly underneath. I know that's a lot of info, sorry. Also, what do I do with the FSG to keep it fresh? I have more questions, but that's enough for now. Thanks:pirate:


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    Hi Piratecurl, Congrats on making your first batch of FSG. I love the stuff. As far as keeping it fresh, unless you use a preservative you will have to keep it in the fridge. Without a preservative it will only last a few days. A readily available natural preserative is Grapefruit seed extract. I've seen it at Whole Foods, Good Earth and Health Food stores. Use 6 drops per oz.

    When putting on FSG use alot and put it on soaking wet hair. Some put it over a leave in. Some put it on just washed hair. I've done both and both work. The key is to use a lot. My hair is about your length and I use perhaps 1 oz of product, sometimes more. It is trial and error. For the first time, put on what you think you need then 2 dallops more.

    I hope this helps.
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    yea. rule of thumb, no such thing as too much!
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