How to use Paul Mitchell's The Conditioner

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Ok so I decided to try one of the mentioned leave ins on the 3c, 4a, 4b forums which was Paul Mitchell's The Conditioner. I was dying to use some of the other ones but either I couldn't find them in my area or I have to order them online...

I used PM the conditioner after I i pre pooed, shampoo, and rinsed out conditioned my hair (I usually follow the no poo method but shampoo about every 4-6 wks or when i have build up) I used garnier fructis new curl & shine shampoo and conditioner. My hair felt fabulous...I'm not sure if it was the new shampoo and conditioner or the fact that this was my first time giving myself a pre-poo treatment. Anyway after I rinsed out the fructis conditioner I left my hair dripping wet and put a shower cap on my head cuz I had to run an errand...when I put PM the conditioner in my hair in sections and my hair came out puffy with very little curl definition so i rewet my hair and put in some ic fantasia blue gel...i regained a lot of definition because of the gel but my hair ended up really crunchy. My hair ranges from types 3c-4a but i didn't feel like PM conditioner was it possible that I wasn't using it right? How should PM the conditioner be used?


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    I can sympathize but can't help on this one.

    I had the exact same experience with The Conditioner. In fact, The Conditioner made some of my hairs sprout up and out--in a crazy way. No waves, no curls, no coil, nothing but sprouts. I had to quickly CW my hair, then use Ojon conditioner to calm my hair into waves and coils again.

    I ended up placing The Conditioner into my ever growing bin of "it didn't work for me" products. On the other hand, Paul Mitchell "The Cream" works really well for me.

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    If you're looking for curl definition, you have to apply a lot of it to soaking wet hair. I used it like that in the past, andd still do occasionally. Now, however, I'm just using it as a conditioning base before I apply my gel (Paul Mitchell Super Sculpt), and it works quite well for this purpose.
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    I use the conditioner, but I only use it as a leave in, nothing more or less. I am able to comb through my hair with this, but then I don't have a specific hair style I am wearing. I have been doing braids and pony tails for the most part. Currently don't have time to try to wear it curly since this seems to be what you are wearing it. Besides I bought the Costco size and still have plenty left from when I was wearing my hair permed.

    Coilygirl I want to try the Ojon, but it's like $60 here for the deep treatment and it usually takes me a while to drop that much for anything. I just muscled up and bought a chi flat iron and mizani products, lol!
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    The Conditioner has been my main styling product for awhile now. I just cleanse my hair however I want to (sometimes I use shampoo, usually I don't) and apply The Conditioner with coconut oil, olive oil or Garnier Fructis leave-in Conditioning Cream or whatever oily product strikes my fancy. I wouldn't advise using any sort of gel because I think it would make hair too crunchy. I also wouldn't use this as a rinse-out conditioner.

    Good luck.

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