I did it! Now what??

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I've been obsessing over my new growth for years now, and tried to go natural before after braids but after taking the braids out, I was so overwhelmed that I rushed to the beauty salon for a relaxer.

THIS time, last relaxer in Feb. Had braids from May to Aug, in two different styles of individuals. I had a lot of new growth from my June re-braid. Yesterday, I CUT at the knot of the braid. VOILA, my natural hair. I was scared at first and my SO isn't very supported. He likes "hair". Well, I sported my little curly fro to work today with lots of compliments. STILL haven't showed my SO. He sees my scarf at home.

I'm excited but need to know what to use to keep this stuff moisterized. We started off well this morning but we're looking very dry now. I'm going to search this site for info.

Thanks for the site,

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DIY Big Chop 8/20/2006, cut the braid at the knot! Lovin my curly hair (with gel of course)

Why didn't I do this sooner? Fear, nothin short of it.


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    Thank you for joining us! We're glad to have you.

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    You are beautiful!