Baked Mozzarella Sticks.

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I want to try this recipe or one like it, but I'm afraid. The last time I made mozzarella sticks, they fell apart in the frying pan. It was a disaster! I want to try baking them this time, but reviewers of this recipe still complained about them falling apart. Side note: why is cheese so expensive lately? I was going to buy string cheese the other day and stopped dead at the price. I literally just stood there, and a lady swept by saying "excuse me!" and grabbed two packages. I looked at her like "must be nice to spend that much on string cheese with no hesitation, lol!"

I have a block of mozzarella cheese. I might wait until I go to the store again because I want butter spray or olive oil spritz. I'm supposed to use melted butter but I think this would do better. Has anyone made these before? Do they turn out better baked?


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    Mmmm they look yummy, I wonder if I could make them with gluten free flour?
    PS: Looking at the recipe, I would probably bake them... possibly mix the flour with the egg etc to make a batter which I would then breadcrumb and bake.
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