Is it possible to make a homemade diffuser?

Hey all! I've been lurking for a while and only just signed up. (=

All we have in the way of hair dryers is a very, very old-but-still-functional one (let's call it "retro") and nooo diffusers--no way am I using the dryer on its own, so I have to get up at 5 am just so my hair can air dry before school. I'm hoping to get out to the store and just buy a diffuser, but a thought struck me--wouldn't it be possible to make one with mesh or something, and elastics to attach it?



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    Hi Starry
    Yes you probably could you mesh, cheesecloth or some other material and cover your hair and blow dry on low. After all, isn't what this kinda is?

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    I'm sure it's possible but I would rather spring the $2-9 and pick one up at at beauty supply store. It saves time wasted experimenting with materials to make sure they aren't flammable.
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    Well, I actually caved in and got a new hair dryer and diffuser today and gave it a try (all I can say is WOW, awesome results). This'll save me an hour of sleep! Yeah!

    I was mainly asking because the stores around here don't sell diffusers separately, and the dryer+diffuser combo was 60 bucks :)

    I do still think it would be a fun project, though.
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    So glad you purchased one. I was going to tell you to just buy a diffuser if you can. I tried to make my own once, it over heated the blow dryer, it shorted out, started to smoke. Holy crap, it was scary. So yeah, be careful, lol!
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