What is your coloring routine?

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What do you do to prepare to home color your hair, and how do you take care of it after?
I have 3b/c hair and use a mostly CG routine (I co-wash every day and shampoo once every 2 weeks or so).
I'm concerned that co-washing will a)make the color not stick (how do I prepare for coloring?) and b) wash out my haircolor (what do I do to keep the color?).
Advice? Words of wisdom?
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  • crimsonshedemoncrimsonshedemon Registered Users Posts: 2,098
    1-2 weeks before coloring- deep condition
    1 - 2 days before- low poo
    D-Day- dye day- hair
    AD- After Dye- follow CG routine
    1-2 weeks after coloring- deep condition (with protein)

    I don't do anything to keep my color which is red. Red is supposed to be the most difficult to maintain but I have no problems. Since I"m not using detergent, my color lasts a long time.
    Typically, I just need to dye my roots every 4 weeks or so. Every few months, I'll pull the color thru the rest of my hair for a few minutes.
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  • anniemaeanniemae Registered Users Posts: 1,702 Curl Neophyte

    Your hair is a beautiful color!! Are you a natural redhead? Also, what color do you use by Robert Craig - which number?

    Thanks for your help? :)
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    I’m coloring my hair next weekend for the second time since going CG. During my first color process, I used the after-color treatment provided in the box even though I knew it was full of cones because I wasn’t sure what else to use in the heat of the moment.

    Since then, I’ve been following CG routine, though I clarified last week to remove any cones. (My hair has had good curl/wave for me since then)

    I bought Nexxus Emergencee, Sally’s GVP K-Pack and GVP CB yesterday to prepare and here’s what tentatively have planned but after scouring this site, I’d love some advice on my plan:

    1 week before color Nexxus Emergencee (do I follow the Protein with the GVP CB? :-?)
    Co-wash until day of coloring
    Sally's GVP CB after color rince out
    Couple days after color - Co-wash routine
    1 week after color - GVP K-Pack (again, do I follow with GVP CB?)

    I hate to color my hair because it seems to shock it and it takes a while to return to a good curl pattern, but I’m not ready to go gray. My grays are predominately on my crown which makes parting my hair impossible :sad6: about 3 weeks after color so pull my hair back for the next several weeks until I can’t stand it and have to color again. I’d like to minimize the damage I’m doing to my hair with the color and hoping a good routine before and after color will help.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
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    This is a good question. I hope you get some more responses. I'd like to know what other curlies do too.

    I'm getting foil highlights in a few days. I did a Nexxus emergencee protein treatment and DT last week. I think I may do another DT tonight or tommorow because my hair seems to be craving moisture. Then I won't co-wash for 2-3 days before because I understand color takes better on 'dirty' hair.

    Post color I will wait 2-3 days before co-washing. I will do my rinse out conditioner and a ACV rinse after to close up the cuticle.

    My question is if doing a protein treatment post color, will it fade the color faster??:scratch:
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    I don't do anything to prepare my hair, condition-wise. I'm a CG newb, but I low-poo and DT at least once a week, and when I colour I just colour and DT instead of low-poo. I'm red over a natural blonde base, and my hair grows fairly quickly, so three weeks after I colour I have this greenish 'shadow' of re-growth that I can't stand. My ends are also quite porous, so after three weeks the colour has usually faded a bit at the ends.

    So my routine is every three weeks I use L'oreal Casting. I apply it using a brush on dry hair. I give my roots 20 minutes, then pull the rest through my ends for 3-5 minutes, then simply rinse out thoroughly and d/t. Hope this helps!
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    I'm not CG, so this may or may not help you.
    I don't use a lot of cones, but I do use some and I'm not afraid of sulfates.

    The day before dying my hair, I wash my hair with a clarifying shampoo and condition it with a cone-free conditioner. I don't use any styling products.

    The day of dying, I just follow the box directions. I bought Feria conditioner at Sally's (it has amodimethicone) and I use it as my conditioner after I rinse out the dye.

    I don't use any stylers nor wash my hair for the next two days. My hair doesn't hate amodimethicone and it doesn't need clarifying to wash out. So, two days later, I might CO wash or use a mild non-sulfate shampoo and style as usual. Then I just follow my regular hair routine after that point.


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