alternatives to the pineapple?

Like most school-aged curlies, I do my hair at night because i'd rather not go to school with wet hair all day! (takes about 5 hours to fully dry)

I'm having some issues with keeping my hair nice overnight! I used a satin nightcap for a while (just stuck my hair in it loose) but it always squashes the curls :( I can't pineapple because of my volume.. It's too big in general, but after a pineapple night, the volume is insane! (and not in a good way :P )

So, does anyone have any suggestions?
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    I'm curious on this one too, everytime I have ever gone to bed with wet hair it turns out wonky the next morning (yes wonky is a technical term)

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    Hi, you can try to put all your hair on the pillow of satin, and make sure he was not fuses under your neck when lying down.

    I have short hair and I can not make the pineapple to sleep well. Hence, when I lie down, stand up all my hair so that it does not get down on my head.

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    I have class at 7:00 in the morning and have to walk (takes 15-20 minutes). In other words, I am done with showering by 6-6:15 or so. It's actually not that bad. Because of my length, satin pillow cases and pineapples aren't doing it for me; my hair always turns out bad in the morning..
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