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I am in transition since April of this year. I decided to try Biolage Shampoo anc conditioner and it has totally ruined my hair. My hair was SOOOO tangled that I ended up losing sooo many patches of hair, so my hair is thin in several areas and it's day 3 and I just found another tangled patch (smaller) today and it discouraging. I have never had so much breakage before in my life and now my hair is thin, dry, and damaged. I need a deep conditioner asap, I am in a wedding in a couple of weeks and I can't battle with my hair breaking and tangling like this, it too much for me emotional. The bride wants us to wear our hair up in a bun so I am going to have to use heat on my hair and in this condition I know it can't deal with heat. I think my hair is a 4a. Thanks for any help, I want to start conditioning soon and are there any good non greasy moisturizers that can help me maintain moisture?
What's my hair type???? THICK! THICK!! and THICK!!!



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    hey, go CG or modified CG for these couple of weeks and see how it goes. I think your hair will turn out just fine. and for the retaining i hear that virgin coconut oil does just that and its not all that greasy if you use just a little. (if you do the cg i think you'll have to use a regular cheap sulfate shampoo before you start)
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    I think you do need a really good deep conditioner. I don't think you need a protein treatment so something that is hydrating. I think Neutrogena Triple Moisture deep treatment would be good. I find that a simple trick that helps detangle after shampooing, is to part your hair in the middle (make the part about four inches deep it doesn't need to be staright) before detangling so you handle each side separetly. That way the you won't have to detangle the hair from the forehead back that causes a lot of trouble.

    Make sure you hair is pretty wet when you apply the deep treatment so that you hair will have a lot of slip because the NTM is very thick. Then use S-Curl after washing and conditioning it can be found in the blue and white spray bottle or you could use Neutrogena Triple moisture leave-in. Make sure to apply evenly throughout hair. I would also suggest that you limit combing your hair while it is dry. At most comb daily after applying a good amount of your daily leave-in like S-Curl. You might not have to use heat for the wedding. Do you think it's possible to shape and style your hair into a bun while it's semi-wet and drenched in leave-in like S-Curl or NTM leave-in? I think it is probably possible because you are probably going to put some sort of fixture on your bun.

    Another line of products that would be great for your hair is Nexxus Humectress line. It is super hydrating which is what your hair needs. I bought a sample pack from CVS before I am sure if you visit a CVS, Walmart or Walgreens you can also find a sample pack. I can almost guarentee that you won't have any problems with that line, because it is formulated specifically for hair that is super dry and needs tons of moisture. That is the only shampoo that I have ever used that makes my hair feel as if I have just used conditioner, that is how hydrating the Humectress shampoo is. The conditioner is equally great.

    The product you tried didn't work on your hair so please don't use it again.

    Edited to say:
    I forgot to mention that S-Curl is kind of greasy when you first apply but when it dries it doesn't leave a greasy feeling (unless your hair is very limp and doesn't have a lot of volume). That may be a problem for you so maybe Neutrogena Triple Moisture silk Leave-in would be best because it isn't heavy and doesn't feel greasy.

    You might also want to try not using shampoo and just using conditioner to wash. Although with this method you must use shampoo about every two to three weeks to remove buildup.
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    Do you think it's possible to shape and style your hair into a bun while it's semi-wet and drenched in leave-in like S-Curl or NTM leave-in? I think it is probably possible because you are probably going to put some sort of fixture on your bun.

    Girl I am a 4a with 2 inches of ng that refuse to lay flat unless I put some heat to it. Especially around my edges where it broke off alot. My hair is tightly coiled (coffee stirrer) and tight or very resistant waves.
    The product you tried didn't work on your hair so please don't use it again.

    Oh no I took that product back to the store and bought some Mizani. I was told that this is a great product line and I also bought a flat iron to help me with my ng when I need and want to wear it str8. So hopefully this works for me.

    Thank you both for your suggestions and responses.
    What's my hair type???? THICK! THICK!! and THICK!!!

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    just a word of advice, be careful with the flat ironing. i'm transitioning now for a 2nd time and the first time i transitioned i mainly did blow outs and flat ironed my hair. my hair started to break at the point where my natural hair met up with my relaxed hair. this time around i'm trying to not use both as much. if i blow dry i'll use the flexirods to curl my hair and not the flat iron, or if i use the flat iron i put it on like 1 or 2. Believe it or not, the sucker gets really hot even when it's on a low setting. i also wear a lot of buns and wet my hair while i'm in the shower, slick it back wtih some fantasia ic gel and tie it down while i'm getting dressed. that really helps to keep the ng part flat.
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    FYI - If you ever use a shampoo + conditioner that really tangles your hair, don't comb it. Instead, use a conditioner with great slip and drench your hair with it until it is easier to comb. Also, a detangling spray, like the ones for kids: Johnson & Johnson's No More Tears, or H Two by Elasta QP can also help with detangling.

    You should always have staples like this on-hand. Some products can really gnarl and change the texture of your hair. So always have products that you can rely on to bail you out. If you have to, re-wash your hair with a conditioning shampoo, like CON.

    Also, I recentlydiscovered that if I condition wash first (I use Kiwi Lime VO5), then shampoo, the shampoo doesn't strip my hair - followed by another conditioner of course. I've been doing this on my twin nieces 4a/3c hair and it has really helped to keep it from being so tangly.

    I'm 5 months without a relaxer. And yes flat ironing can produce breakage. I learned that. You have to be careful and use deep conditioners regularly and a silicone serum before flat-ironing each section to protect it. I found that Lottabody's Tress Tranzitions Blow Drying Straightening Lotion is great to help smooth the hair while blow drying. It also offers a bit of protection. I mix it with some kind of anti-frizz product. This helps to keep it from 'going back.' But I find that I do need to use the heat from the flat iron. Right now it's summer so it's hard to say if the weather was cooler my hair would keep longer. But I've tried to avoid a lot of high heat touch ups.
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    Girlfriend you can go to both Sally's and Wal-Mart and pick up all that you will need without even having to spend "an arm and a leg".

    A hair wash that you can readily get available without having to order online is Creme of Nature Detangling Ultra Moisturizing Conditioning Shampoo(found at Sally's and Wal-Mart). It is sulfate free, and should help out your hair much better than Biolage's Shampoo. And after shampooing you would then move on to a Intensive Treatment/Reconstructor for your hair. I would recommend you picking up Elasta QP Intense Fortifying Hair Conditioner(found at Sally's and
    Wal-Mart) to help repair your hair's damage. It works to repair brittle, damaged hair with maximum moisture. And once your hair has healed, then replacing it with Optimum Care Rich Conditioner(can be found at both Sally's & Wal-MArt) would be good for you to use in order to help your maintain the health of your hair. After conditioning/treating your hair I would recommend spraying it with Fantasia IC Hair Strengthener Treatment(sold at Sally's only) which is excellent to use to increase your hair's strength. Next, would come detangling it(whether it be with your fingers, a comb, or a brush), and apply Smooth N Shine's Activator Gel(Wal-Mart) or Proclaim's Curl Activator Gel(Sally's only) to finish of your style with. Both gels are highly moisturizing and will provide maximum body and hold to your hair without flaking.
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    i agree you need a good deep conditioner...i used a biolage heat protectant spray when i ironed my hair this weekend (bad i know) and it made my hair stiff and tangly also...i think that brand kind of stinks
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    I used the Mizani shampoo and conditioner and I liked the way my hair felt after using it. No tangles, dry brittle hair. I also have the night time treatment creme that I used. It's not greasy and smells good. I have a style spray from Mizani that I am not found of but then maybe the use of both that and my Paul Mitchell leave in conditioner lefted too much residue on my hair. I think it was the conditioning styling spray because I always use the paul mitchell conditioner.

    I bought a Chi flat iron so I paid a pretty penny for it and I just realized that it didn't have a setting level on it so I am afraid to use it too much. I have this thermal protection from Mizani and the Chi that came with the flat iron. I used the flat iron to straighten my part and lefted the rest of my hair, but I don't for see me using it too much because I don't want to burn my hair out and it seem to really make my hair feel dry and brittle. The thermal protectant was suspose to be used on damp hair, but didn't put it on when I washed my hair the other day, I was tired. So I put it on today figuring it can't hurt, but I am not sure if it actually helped either, so until I can figure it out. I am stepping back from flat ironing for a while until I have a little more knowledge.

    Thanks ladies for you suggestion. I am alway writing down the products you all tell me about, because Mizani isn't cheap and if I can find something cheaper that gets me the same results than fantastic! :D What flat irons are safe, because Chi is suppose to be good, but I don't really know what sets it apart from any other flat iron, lol!
    What's my hair type???? THICK! THICK!! and THICK!!!

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    Siena, if you're interested in learning more about flat irons, folica.com is a good place to check out. They have reviews on many brands. I bought the Solia one and it works really great.
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    Maybe you can try roller setting your hair to straighten it so you don't have to use so much heat. Also, when your hair is damp..add gel and pull it back so it will have staying power.

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    I find that a simple trick that helps detangle after shampooing, is to part your hair in the middle (make the part about four inches deep it doesn't need to be staright) before detangling so you handle each side separetly. That way the you won't have to detangle the hair from the forehead back that causes a lot of trouble.

    Thanks for this tip!
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    Just FYI a lot of people knock down blowdryers and straightening irons but if you purchase good items they wont damage your hair. I transitioned twice, both straightening and with rollersets and iron or blow dryer and iron. And my hair never broke off or shedded. I also used very good conditioners and made sure I maintained a decent moisture / protein balance. Oohh and this second time around I had like triple processed hair a really light brown base with all sorts of highlights. Which I JUST (1.5 yr later) stopped doing cuz the maintenance was annoying and too expensive.
    The first time I went natural, I decided to texturize UGH - never. I have coffee stirrer size ringlets. I have a bio-ionic blowdryer and Metropolis Nano/ AG wet to dry (I only use dry) which I use at 400 degrees.
    The current products I use are Framesi Biogenol Shampoo for Dry, Thirsty hair and the Deep Masque. Which are great and affordable. I used to use Kerastase products which are pure robbery. I used to be a product junky and have limited the items to just that. I also use the Leave in by Biogenol "moisture something" and I Love Proclaim glossing polish (Sally's). When I wear my hair natural I use Kinky Curly Custard which is awesome as well.

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