Cooking without an oven. I need suggestions

scrillsscrills Registered Users Posts: 6,700
I'm having a brain fart. next month, I will be cooking a couple of meals and the kitchen I'm using doesn't have an oven. I need some suggestions on what to make for dinner.



  • SuburbanbushbabeSuburbanbushbabe Registered Users Posts: 15,402 Curl Neophyte
    It's amazing what you can do without an oven or broiler -- braised and sauteed meats, steamed and sauteed veggies and grains, pasta, sauces.
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  • SariaSaria Registered Users Posts: 15,963
    Sauteed pork chops or cutlets
    Sauteed chicken, poached chicken, chicken and dumplings
    Rice pilaf
    Paella (a Spaniard will tell you it should never be baked)

    Really, just about anything.
    As for dessert . . .
    Panna cotta
    Berry slump/grunt (berries are still in season)
    Ice cream (with some homemade sauces and toppings) or sorbet coupes (for example, raspberry sorbet with sparkling wine poured over and served with fresh berries)
    Peach Melba
    Poached fruit or simply fresh fruit (with some cheese if you want to take it further)

    And probably more that I'm just forgetting.
  • scrillsscrills Registered Users Posts: 6,700

    I think I'm going to buy this from World Markets ($20) and it will help solve all my problems. I have to make about 3 different meals so this should help me create some variety

    I'm thinking...

    chicken Paillard with moz, sun dried tomatoes, and balsamic drizzle with a side of angel hair pasta

    Steak with a side of risotto

    Jerk shrimp (or chicken kabobs) with grilled veggies

    Man, I am really addicted to grilling and broiling, LOL

    If you think of any more pairings, please let me know.
  • SpiralliSpiralli Registered Users Posts: 3,684 Curl Connoisseur
    I totally adore my crock pots and highly recommend using one as much as possible! :wav:
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  • anniemaeanniemae Registered Users Posts: 1,702 Curl Neophyte
    You can also grill turkey burgers (or regular hamburgers) on that grill. And those pans are great for making panini sandwiches, grilled cheese/tomatoe sandwiches, BLTs, etc.
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  • scrillsscrills Registered Users Posts: 6,700
    bumping for more suggestions.

    I made the steak, I made seafood (salmon, scallops, shrimp. Chicken and pork are out and i need i more meal idea. Any suggestions?
  • scrillsscrills Registered Users Posts: 6,700
    oh, and I don't have a crockpot. Just a stovetop

    one more question. if I make lasagna or manicotto, do you think I could put it in the dish, and instead of putting it in the oven, cover it and place it on the stovetop on low (to "bake" it)?
  • SariaSaria Registered Users Posts: 15,963
    Why don't you just do some other type of pasta? Maybe some homemade ravioli? You can buy the fresh pasta sheets if you don't feel like making it. The stovetop idea won't work for that. You could do a broken lasagna, but I don't think it's the same if it doesn't get that nice browned gratineed top.
    Or how about some skate? Or a hearty vegetarian stew? You could try some duck breast as well. How about meatballs? There's still a ton of stuff you could do!
  • scrillsscrills Registered Users Posts: 6,700
    Thanks Saria. Meatballs (and all the other suggestions)sound yummy! :happy7:
  • kathymackkathymack Registered Users Posts: 9,999 Curl Neophyte
    How about fish?? I do low carb, so dip fish in egg white and coat with nut flour. Saute in a mix of butter and oil, serve with a horseradish dill sauce. Our favorite is brook trout. You could also do a sauteed fish with a lemon, butter and white wine sauce.
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  • SariaSaria Registered Users Posts: 15,963
    Also, you can go Asian. Stir fries are always good, or maybe ramen or curry. Pad Thai?
  • solidgoldsolidgold Registered Users Posts: 1,485 Curl Neophyte
    I made a raw vegan lasagna that was delicious! The noodles were zucchini, and the "cheese" was pine nuts soaked and run through the food processor. I can post the recipe if you're interested.
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  • Jess the MessJess the Mess Registered Users Posts: 5,844 Curl Neophyte
    There are tons of hearty soups and stews you can make without an oven. I'm making this baked potato soup tonight. You can always bake the potatoes in a microwave.
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  • scrillsscrills Registered Users Posts: 6,700
    Thanks ladies! These are some great ideas

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