Help with my teenager who wants relaxer!

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Hello All ! I am the mother of a teenage bi-racial girl with 4 a hair (I think) who always wants her hair straight. We have tried Mazani years ago. The last year we tried Opti-smooth after all the Mazani had grown out. It worked well but the 2nd time she had it done her hair started to break. She will not leave the flat iron alone and can not convince her to let her hair go back to her curls. Any ideas on products to use in the furture and how to help with breakage and growth. I am so out of ideas ! Any help will be appreciated :)


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    Has you all seen Teri's blog, Check it out. If she wants curls this method may help. If she wants straight hair all the time, then chemicals is probably the way to go.
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    You probably need to make sure she is using a heat protector with the flat iron and she should probably stop getting relaxer since she is flat ironing often. You should also make sure she is protecting her hair at night by wrapping it then putting a satin scarf on. This would allow her flat iron to last longer. Good Luck.
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    As long she is constanly compared mentally to the other girls ni school and reading the magazines and watching mtv she may never come around. its just reality. when she gets older she will soon learn but dont stop telling her whats right. never give in to what you believe and what is right.
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    Scissors. Think of it like this, your mixing dirty clothes with clean clothes, you can use all the perfum you want (hair product) but the dirty clothes (permed hair) will never be clean, will eventually get old, raggedy, and eventually start shredding/breaking(natural&permed hair). Don't waste your time. Transitioning for most is a :boxing: fight that relaxed hair will win!
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