satin pillowcase

curly52curly52 Registered Users Posts: 351 Curl Connoisseur
just wondering if anyone knows where i can get one offline in the U.K??
uk curly - 3a :toothy7:


  • louiethelooplouietheloop Registered Users Posts: 12
    Try John Lewis.
    May be a little pricey, but I got mine in the sale!!

    I'm sure any department store like that will have one. (Debenhams etc.)

    Otherwise I bought a whole satin sed set from Ebay for £15!! Bargain!

    Good Luck!
  • curly52curly52 Registered Users Posts: 351 Curl Connoisseur
    thankyou so much! 8) does it really help for 2nd day hair? and doesn't it slide around lol
    uk curly - 3a :toothy7:
  • lunarisinglunarising Registered Users Posts: 71
    I have one that I bought at Curlmart. And yes, it is slippy but you get used to it.

    My hair loves it but I still prefer the feel of cotton ..

    Guess who won? :roll: :wink:

    Modified CG - Suave coconut conditioner (CW), BC Down and Out, and and Aussie MM conditioner my current loves.

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