What's a natural way to get rid of product build up?

I'm using products with silicones and mineral oil, and I really don't want to give them up! What's an effective, natural way to get rid of product build up?
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    Vinegar rinses can help but I don't think there IS any 'natural' way to get silicone off your hair - it's a very heavy 'manmade' sort of product and it's made to stick.
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    In the CG book, Massey suggests baking soda for heavy product buildup.

    Does any one know if this really works to remove silicone?
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    I have not tried the baking soda. I think the idea is that you have to really scrub with the soda, which is an abrasive. My opinion is that this would be much harder on the cuticle of the hair than a surfectant, which will break down the silicone without vigorous friction.

    Baking soda is also more drying than vinegar, and vinegar will not remove silicones or heavy mineral oil/petrolatum buildup.

    Depending on the silicones that you are using, you could use a shampoo that does not have SLS and remove the silicones. Many surfectants are derived from natural ingredients like coconut.

    On the Curl411 tab, there are a lot of ingredient articles if you go back to pages 4, 5 and past. There is at least one dedicated to shampoos, and another on silicones.

    You might want to consider an Aubrey Organic shampoo, which is certainly natural.
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    Ugh, looks like a troll attack!

    The mild shampoos like Aubrey's will not remove heavy build up from those ingredients.


    I hope you were not using the mineral oil on your scalp, that's unhealthy, it will coat it and act like plastic wrap and won't allow it to breathe so if you use them regularly you're going to have to shampoo. Besides, with so many excellent vegetable oils using mineral oils constantly is really unnecessary. I have a couple of COs that have it and I do like them because they give my hair more shine BUT I do not rub them on my scalp AND I only use them occasionally.
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    I was going to say a vinigar rinse, but it was already mentioned. :D
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    brandym22 wrote:
    Mineral oil is actually not bad for you at all :), please read this article for more info, including how it became misunderstood in the first place: http://www.cosmeticscop.com/learn/art.asp?ID=178

    Who cares if it's good or bad for you? It builds up on CGers, hence the plasticky feeling HWHC described, and hence the thread about getting rid of build-up.
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    Baking soda in a rinse (1-2 tbsp dissolved in a few cups of water dumped over your hair after a co, wait a few minutes and rinse out with water) can help with buildup, as can citric acid (lemon juice in a lemon aid for example). Those might help if you really want to continue using cones/mineral oil but want to do a CG-ish routine.
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    Well, I still disagree with Paula Begoun even if it was her books that started me on reading labels and learning about ingredients. I study Holistic Nutrition and the ENTIRE alternative health community considers ALL petrochemical harmful for us as many can mimic female hormones (xenoestrogens) and cause lots of problems for our health. And sure, petroleum is "natural" going by the simplistic definition that it "occurs in nature" but most of us don't really refer to that but to whether they are compatible with the chemistry of our body or not.

    With that said, from the strict esthetic point of view, mineral oil (which is way lighter than petrolatum) used on the hair length occasionally is not bad and, of course won't cause build-up; I myself use a DT once in a blue moon that has it because it helps remove a little excess hair color when my hair has over-absorbed and it does leave my hair very shiny (...but a good oil will do that too).
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    YW, I think it's important to have all the information before deciding what to believe, and what I believe is that way too many ingredients are used widely and defended against all reason because they are extremely cheap and bring a lot of revenue to the companies that use them.
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    i just mix lemon juice into my regular conditioner, like in the curly girl book.
    ...as long as your conditioner doesnt have cones, which would just add insult to injury.
    but, yeah, this works for me and revives my dry hair.
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