highlighting risky?

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i have short hair still, and have some problems with thinning at the top of my head.. would highlighting be a big risk? ~ seems so. i wanted to highlight the ends of the hair, i dont think i can do strips yet~

what's ur verdict?



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    You might want to read the thread above "brassy" because we have been discussing highlighting with a cap and Robert Craig colors for toning. :)
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    Try to stay away from bleach or highlighting kits. Bleach is really damaging and can kill curl. When I do highlights or just go lighter all over, I buy the lightest blond ammonia-based haircolor I can find and leave it on 45 min to 1 hour instead of the usual 25 minutes. The ammonia and peroxide will lift your color as far as two levels, for example, from a dark brown to dark blond or light brown, depending on how long you process. My hair is about as dark as yours naturally, and it always pulls reddish or brassy when it lightens, so I add a purplish toner to the haircolor.
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