Cut for the Adrian Grenier style?

patkpatk Registered Users Posts: 1
Hey everyone. I don't know what type hair I am, so I attached 2 pictures of my hair. I have been looking for a while to get a cut that would give me the same kind of style as Adrian Grenier. I just don't know what to say to the hairdresser every time I go into the salon, and the cut usually ends up being too short. Does anybody know how I would explain the kind of cut I want to the hairdresser? Would it be better to just bring a picture? I wanted to go with a shorter cut than I have now, so I was wondering how to explain this length and style:

and the Drive Me Crazy length:

And here's my hair:


As you can see, the cut that the last stylist I went to left me with a lot of bulgey thickness at the bottom, I'd like to avoid that next time.


  • crwrittcrwritt Registered Users Posts: 705 Curl Neophyte
    I would just bring in those pictures. Your hair may be a little less curly than his, and a little thicker, so it may not come out exactly the same. I think your top layers need to be shorter, and you might have to scrunch the top to get more curl.

    You almost have it, by the way.

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