help restore hair from bleach and color

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i am in beauty school and i can do color very well. i bleached the back of my hair and now it is very dry and i am afraid to break it off. i have been using cholesterol and i did a protein treatment with egg, mayo, and oil any more suggestions on how to restore my curl and shine
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    Be very gentle with your hair and handle as infrequently as possible for the moment. You need protein treatments to help restore the cuticle, and moisture treatments to help restore softness and shine. The treatment you mentioned sounds good, but try to get a treatment like Aphogee or similar from a beauty supply store. Bleach does remove some curl, as the hair gets healthier some of it should come back but it will probably not be as curly as your non-bleached hair.

    HTH :)
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    I have bleached my hair several times, and it made it so dry and hard. I called my hair stylist and she recommended Sebastian Drench shampoo and conditioner and Goldwell Kerasilk products.
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    You can't really restore or repair hair once it's damaged. It just doesn't work that way. The best you can do is try to maintain so it doesn't get any worse.

    If Redken still makes their All Soft line, you could try that. I had a lot of success with it after a bad hair color incident a few years ago. It made my hair feel better and it didn't break off like I thought it might.

    I find protein treatments make my hair very brittle, so that's something to consider.
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    I like cholesterol - that's some good stuff! Yes, do regular DTs. If you're bleaching to remove color, then plan to dye overtop, wait at least a week after bleaching to color. Bleaching takes a lot out of your hair (no pun intended).

    I highlighted twice over the summer then colored over it in my natural color a few weeks later. I decided I want to highlight again just so it will take the color out of my hair for a color job (I want to go auburn). I worried I may end up with no hair at the end of this deal, but my hair is surprisingly in pretty good shape. I hacked off several inches last month, and it's been about a month and a half before I attempted to highlight. Now I'm waiting a week or two before I add the auburn. I use gentle shampoos (I NEED sulfates, but I stick with gentler ones), and I try to get those DTs in. It's a pain to remember to do that!

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