Instyler Rotating Iron - anyone use this?

curlymamaof2curlymamaof2 Posts: 5Registered Users
It is advertised in the latest Ulta flier for $99.95 and I was thinking of buying it so I am curious if anyone here has used this tool and did they like the results?

I have 2C coarse, frizzy hair.


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  • PJsMomPJsMom Posts: 173Registered Users
    saw that ad too, its a good deal if you can get it at Ulta, and that is cheaper than ordering online...go for it...Owned mine for a while...and I love it

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  • Yes, Still PaulaYes, Still Paula Posts: 485Registered Users
    Ah, so then in actuality it's a lot more $$ than what the ad says then?:

    Guess that price of $14.99 is just to try it out. Still, I would pay almost any price for a quality item. It's it's better than a flat iron, why not? Sounds like you're not limited to one style and you can wear your hair curly or straight with this item....
  • Yes, Still PaulaYes, Still Paula Posts: 485Registered Users
    Hmmm...I just did some more research on this item, and I even called the company about it. It's made of's not a ceramic iron. Wouldn't that make it more damaging for the hair?
  • murrrcatmurrrcat Posts: 9,596Registered Users
    I got great results when my mom did mine but when I did it myself they were ehhh...I think thats with anyway I do my hair always is ehhh and when other people do its like VOILA! I got two or my mom bought two at the time it was like buy one get one free on the infomercial
  • SilverAngel45SilverAngel45 Posts: 244Registered Users
    it pulled out pieces of my hair and when i was reading reviews a lot of other people had the same problem and got burned badly. I borrowed it form my nieces mom she doesnt like it and neither do.
  • hanoonhanoon Posts: 1Registered Users
    I think its a great product. I bought it for $60 bucks online and its worth it. It straightens very fast. I love the volume/ "flow" and the SHINE it gives my hair. I think it works the even better on 2a-3a hair. The reason why i say that is because even though my hair looks great after i use it, my niece's and my sister's (2b, 3a) hair looks amazzzzzzzzing.
  • alexandra~alexandra~ Posts: 150Registered Users
    I love mine!! It works great for me :)
    alexandra <3
  • morningstarmorningstar Posts: 144Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    I bought one for my daughter at Ulta and used the 20% off coupon - so it was a pretty good deal. It works awesome on her 2b shoulder length hair. Much nicer than a regular flat iron - she has movement to her hair. I do worry about damage though. My other daughter has longer hair and it virtually does nothing at all in her hair. Her hair is also 2b, but much thicker. On my 3B locks, it works well, but I don't like the look so much - I have to use a curling iron when I am done to add some curls. So, it really is way too much work for me. So, I think it works great on certain hair types.
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  • MandyzillaMandyzilla Posts: 17Registered Users
    Someone gave this to me but it didn't quite work for my 3a hair. Flat irons seemed to be the only thing that could straighten my hair. But it did work for my sister and a friend of mine. My sister has just a slight wave to her hair and my friend has 3c ish hair and it turned out nicely.
  • KrazzyCurlsKrazzyCurls Posts: 52Registered Users
    Yeah, I have it, and it works awesome on my sister's SLIGHTLYYY wavy hair. When I straighten mine, it works, but not to my expectations at all. But then again, my hair doesn't REALLY starighten well.

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