what to ask for at the salon?

so i'm growing out my hair, but i still want it to look nicer than it is now (right now its just below my shoulders) so the problem is that my hair (after a day) is wavy and not curly:




so you can see that the hair at the nape of my neck is super curly. so since i dont want to loose much length- what do i ask for when i go to the salon?

thanks ^_^
my hair loves::love7:
CURLS goddess curls[/COLOR]
Trader Joe's Tea tree conditioner

I'm on my way to growing out my hair to BSL and possibly longer- to also grow out a horrible uneven cut!



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    I would suggest talking to your stylist first. Let her know your concerns and what your plans are, as far as letting it grow. I would ask ask her to trim up any damaged ends and maybe put in some longer layers to give it some shape. My hair is curlier underneath too. Make sure you bring that up to her. Talking with her first will help her to understand what you are asking for and help you to feel more confident that she knows what she is doing. LOL Ask her if she can cut your hair dry. It will help to see your curls' natural tendencies so that you don't have too much spring back after the cut. Good luck...I hope I was helpful!

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