Castile Conditioner --Experimented today to create a gentle cleanser

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I was dabbling around with my hair products when I had a peanut butter meets chocolate type of moment. I decided to mix my castile soap with my all time favorite cheapie conditioner Suave Tropical Coconut.
This was my first time using this but here is what I combined:
  • 4 tbsp Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Castile Soap
  • Roughly 15 oz Suave conditioner
  • 1 tbsp Olive Oil
I decided not to go heavy on the castile soap since it's powerful stuff undiluted!
I put it all in a container and shook the bottle thoroughly. I am still wearing braids but I went swimming in lake water today, as well as a lot of working out early this morning so I wanted to do more than cowash, but not shampoo.
I first thought to use my diluted castile soap per usual. But I thought, what the heck, I haven't had any hair disasters lately, let's try it out.
I love the results! It was a bit runnier than I would've liked but it sudded up still and cleansed very well without stripping my hair. I also got a lot more of the peppermint benefit on my scalp than I do when using castile soap diluted.
DSC04983.jpg?t=1254333215Freshly washed braids. Yes, they are fuzzy but they are nice and clean, with moisture still present!
My braids now smell very pepperminty and are soft without the buildup I was starting to feel. I'm going to try this again a few times, but so far I love it!
Some other things to try with this combination:
  • Adding Aloe Vera Gel
  • Using another scent of castile soap, maybe unscented with essential oils
  • Using another cheapie conditioner
Has anyone out there tried this combo before?
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    Good Idea I'll try in 2 weeks when it's time to wash again and let everyone know. I have all those ingredients at home but never thought to mix them together.
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    Sometimes when I think I need a little more than a cowash, I mix a dime sized amount of shampoo in my hand with a regular sized amount of condish for a cleansing type cowash. I got great results. :)
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