swapped! Jessicurl Hair Cleansing Cream 2 sample bottles

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SWAPPED thanks.

Two 2-ounce sample size bottles of Jessicurl Hair Cleansing Cream. I am very happy going on as I am and plan to stay no-poo, so I probably won’t use these. I took a tiny dab out of one one day, the other is unopened. I paid $3.60 each for these.

If anyone has a rejected bottle of that mysterious L’Oreal Vive Pro conditioner in the pink bottle with the blue label, for long hair that’s wavy, I would like to try that as it is apparently not available anywhere near me. Or the dregs of a tub of KCCC.. (I know, dream on...) Or some other curl activator that wavys like. If we can work out a good swap, we can call it even on price/shipping.

I'm new here but I think I'm a 2b with maybe a few 3a curls underneath.

2b and 3a I think
Aubrey Glycogen Protein Balancing cond or
Giovanni SAS
Beautiful Curls leave-in
KCCC; Kiss My Face or Proclaim gel
growing out my hair color!

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