Cone free foundation help!

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Hello lovelies!
I'm new to CG and have purged the cones from my hair arsenal and I just realized that the cones I put on my face could easily get in my hair!!! Oy!

I've researched my face wash and day moisturizer and was relieved to find that they are cone-free but my foundation and night moisturizer are LOADED with cones!!!

Any recommendations for foundations (I have fair skin with some blemishes and like medium coverage)? Pretty please? Does anyone know of any cone-free make up lines?

Thanks so much!!


  • amandamooamandamoo Posts: 3Registered Users
    So I got the Almay Natural foundation and I'm pretty happy with it so far today, we'll see how it wears and if my skin breaks out. :angry4:

    If this one doesn't work out, are the mineral makeups a good bet? I know Bare Minerals doesn't have cones but I don't feel like it gives enough coverage...

    Any advice is appreciated.

    P.S. I'm on day 5 of CG and I'm realizing that my hair cut may be part of the problem... I have a nice little shelf of curls in my layers on my right side! haha!
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    I noticed my face broke out when I used moisturizer with silicone, so I quit using 'cones on my face too.

    Bare Minerals is okay, but I prefer Meow Cosmetics' foundations. You get a LOT more product, it isn't shiny like Bare Minerals, and Meow has tons of shades to choose from. Here is their website: You can buy samples or e-mail your picture to them, and they will help you choose the right shade. They're great!
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    I second the recommendation on meowcosmetics. I use the Pampered Puss foundation and I love it. I get excellent coverage and my skin has improved tremendously since using it. I used to Lancome foundations. This one feels so much nicer on my skin, is much cheaper and must healthier.
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    Thank you so much ladies! I'm ordering from them today!:blob4:
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    Amandamoo, Mineral makeup does not generally contain cones but some do contain bismuth oxychloride which is a skin irritant. So if you do get blemishes as you mentioned, that would be something to avoid.
    Good luck. I had tried all the drug store ones and Bare Minerals before finding out about Bismuth. I now use a bismuth free one.
    Meowcosmetics that was suggested by fellow members is also bismuth free.
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    Physicians Formula just came out with a totally organic line. I absolutely love the tinted moisturizer. I'm still trying out the other products in the line. The mascara is a bit tricky to work with, but it's possible to get it on without it looking too goopy.
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