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I am guessing that my hair type is a 4a, maybe in certain areas 3c. Don't know if 4b since my hair does curl and wave. I have just started growing my perm out. Last Perm in April. I have been wearing cornrows. I decided to give my scalp a break from it by taking it down and being that I have about 2inches of new growth I just lefted it crinkled and wild this week since I am not ready to battle with the curls and waves yet/I say naps since I am not use to it, lol!

I wanted to know what products could I use for my hair if I wanted to flat iron it. I am not prone to doing a lot of blow drying so I let it air dry, but with my roots being str8 off the boat and me not knowing how to handle it what steps should I take since I am going to wash it tonight. I am experimenting with several shampoos. I've tried Suave (no), Matrix (orange bottle~ NO), Paul Mitchel (the One Shampoo~ strips my hair too much), Creame of Nature (works good on both my permed and natural hair), and I am about to try Biolage. I am looking for a great moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, and I am hoping for something economical, I will spend more if its works, but if something cheaper does the trick than why not. I am looking to get Ojon's deep treatment, but why spend $60 when I can spend less?

Any hue, I want to deep condition it since it's really starting to break/shed more than I am familiar with. I am going to cut my perm out as my hair grows. I am looking to be able to wear both my str8 hair styles and curly textures. My assignment for myself next week is to get to a stylist that knows how to work with my hair to get it trimed and styled, because it feels like a dried out mess.

So if anyone has suggestions I greatly appreciate it.
What's my hair type???? THICK! THICK!! and THICK!!!


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