GNC ultra nourishair!!

jade22jade22 Posts: 110Registered Users
I really really want to try GNC ultra nourishair vitamins however, i cant seem to get them in Canada and i dont know when my next trip to the U.S will be..

can anyone rec some other hair vitamin brands that they like, with similar ingredients??



  • OnyxCabeloOnyxCabelo Posts: 1,767Registered Users
    I've tried the GNC UNH and also Nature's Plus Ultra Hair Plus - I haven't compared ingredients in a while, but for me they both worked pretty much the same. The Nature's Plus includes MSM:).
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  • TSpanglaTSpangla Banned Posts: 68Banned Users
    Do you have Dollar General? Their brand of hair vitamins has very similar ingredients to Nourishair for a lot less.

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