Vantika Frosting

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No happy that they are sold out right now:sad10: but that's besides point!

I wanted to ask, how you you curly girls perfer to use it?. It says that it can be used as a do you put it on when you have product already in your hair?

Do you wash before you use it, lets say early that morning, and do the VF later that night?

Thanks in advance:p
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    Use it the same way that you would use coconut oil--it's basically coconut oil with herbs.

    Ingredients include: Coconut oil, Amla extract, Henna extract, Lemon extract, Fragrance.

    When I used it, I mostly used a little on my canopy at night, SOTC or afternoon frizz control.
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    Ditto what kathymack said.

    I LOVE this stuff though--smell is divine! I used it last night on my scalp before I went to bed and did my soap bar this morning and my scalp did not itch at all today and my hair looked awesome!

    Word of warning though--I also used some on my elbow's and upper arms just to see if I liked it for my body too. Well I woke up at 1am to find BOTH my cats licking the heck out of my arm! I was like "ewwww!!". I went and washed it off :tongue10::tongue10::tongue10:
    FIA 2c/3aFi

    Done experimenting! Loving Spiral Solutions products!


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