what products help with humidity/frizziness?

mslovelymslovely Registered Users Posts: 6
ok what can i do to keep my hair from frizzing so easily. Im a 4a/4b and I flatiron with a chi. I put some heat protectant cream and some super skinny serum when I flatiron. After im done it looks and feels great. I step outside (i live in florida so the humidity is high) I come back in..my hair is bushy and frizzy. :( What can I put on it to help with the humity/frizz problem? I used to use grease when I was younger, but I HATE the greasy feeling when I flatiron. Its not really touchable. So is there any products that work for 4a/4b frizziness? All the products i've tried seem to be for 2's and 3's. Its really watery and it just makes my hair revert rather than keep it straight. Do yall have any ideas... :?:


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    If you dont do this already, why dont you try putting the super skinny serum on after you flatiron? and Im pretty sure that paul mitchell has other super skinny products. Maybe you could try them to keep the bushiness down?
    hth! :D

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  • mslovelymslovely Registered Users Posts: 6
    thanks for the reply. hmm idk maybe that will help. Ill try it next time i flatiron.
  • KurlyGurl708KurlyGurl708 Registered Users Posts: 24
    When I flatiron, my ends tend to get dry & frizz up. I've started using a dab of Elasta QP Mango Butter on my ends. A little goes a long way! I put a dab on my finger, rub it into my hands so it melts, then smooth it on my ends, and brush thru. NO MORE FRIZZY DRY ENDS! I love it. :)
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    Check out the Kerastase Oleo-Relax line...

    the shampoo will allow you to straighten/flatiron properly, ie, no hooked ends or next-day frizz.

    the serum -- there are 2 and i prefer the looser one/bigger bottle -- will lock in your results so you need not worry about perspiration or rainy weather. apply before ironing.

    the deep conditioner will restore the life. i lv on overnight when i can.

    These products are worth the $; they ensure a lasting, pleasing result. PS I live in a place with 85% humidity and the chance of rain Every Day.
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    I'm looking for something good for this too. The problem is if I put too much product on to straighten then my hair feels gross or looks greasy and flat. But the second I step outside it gets poofy again!
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    I really like Aveda Brilliant Anti-Humectant Pomade - that stuff works well for me when it comes to humidity - especially as a follow up after straightening my hair.

    But I swear by Ojon Restorative Treatment - you can use it as a deep conditioner and also as a frizz/humidity tamer! A lil DOES go a long way...as too much does make your hair greasy. But it's the BEST I've found for frizz and these humid days .... plus it adds shine!
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    you can wrap your hair at night with a LITTLE blue magic coconut its not that heavy because the coconut oil soaks in...
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