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Tthere is a gospel song that says "all of my good days out wiegh my bad days.... so I won't complain." I don't go to church and can't even remember who sings the song or the title but for some reason today, it popped into my head when I was feeling crappy about my self-done senegalese twists that need retwisting.

I thought about it. My hair is healthier and longer than it's ever been. My afro looks and feels insanely awesome most of the time. And for the first time ever people envy my hair instead of it being the other way around.

So I won't complain about a little frizz, I'll re do those twists next week when I have time. Share some things that are positive about your hair.


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    afrikurl wrote: »
    Share some things that are positive about your hair.

    you're funny....

    1) i HAVE hair!!!!! (i was at m.d. anderson cancer center yesterday visiting someone so i was already thinking about how grateful i am just to have my own hair)
    2) it's thick
    3) it's healthy
    a dreamy pisces :fish:
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    i'm more relaxed being natural
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    I'm retaining length :D
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    I'm really loving how thick my hair is. There have been times when I hated its thickness but right now, I love it!
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    That I must be doing something right with my hair because people are actually asking me questions about my hair. That is the best ego boost especially when I'm having my own hair issues. :thumbup:

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